What does iLLumoo do?

By collaborating and teaming with external parties, companies can overcome internal resource limitations and achieve competitive advantage because great minds don’t think alike. Our as-a-service concept adds real value to your business by providing Business development and Marketing Support in addition to our consulting services. Thanks to our innovative collaborative approach we ensure you get the exclusively tailored ‘boutique’ services you need to be successful and sustainable.

We assist SME’s in facilitating and promoting international business development, marketing and sales representation, using our marketing and business expertise through our network of affiliates, contacts, sales representatives...

We provide expert knowledge and services and can assist you in your business development or start-up activities with:

  • Strategy Development, Business Model Innovation and implementation
  • Marketing support
  • Sales and Business Development Support
  • General Business Negotiations and Contracting
  • Interim Management

We work closely with top management in private companies, public entities and non-profit organisation to transform, improve and grow businesses. Through (Big) Data Analytics we help our clients to know their activities better and have more understanding of their customer and operations for decision-making. iLLumoo follows a multidisciplinary, data-driven, solution-based approach to solving our customers’ business, sustainability and operational excellence challenges.