About iLLumoo


We envision an inspired innovative and sustainable society, with a shared vision, in which everyone realises that they can define their own future and are empowered to adapt to this fast-changing interconnected world.


Our mission is to help our client's future proofing their organisations, by making distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their business and sustainability performance, and create value that is fit for purpose for our rapidly changing and dynamic world.


We are a values-driven organisation. We believe our values are the basis of our success, the key to the interactions we have with our customers, partners and associates and the value we create. 
Therefore we like make them explicit:

  • Reliable: open and transparent, predictable and loyal
  • Innovative: we seek state of the art ways of doing things, embracing the unknown, strive for continual improvement.
  • Entrepreneurial: We work together to identify where the highest impact can be achieved. Then focus on outcomes, not on processes or inputs. Out of the box and solution oriented. We are hands-on, engaged, agile and pragmatic. 
  • Integer: We do what we say and deliver on our commitments. We never compromise on quality or integrity.
  • Accountable: We hold ourselves and each other responsible, and acknowledge the trust and confidence our customers and team have placed in us.
  • Sustainable: We strive for solutions that address customer needs, business objectives, and principles of sustainability.
  • Visionary: We seek a full understanding of your objectives and resources, both for the immediate engagement and for the future, so that our recommendations align with your strategy—for today and tomorrow.
  • Adaptable: We respond to the changing economic and regulatory conditions impacting our customers and industry.


iLLumoo’s approach is defined by:

  • A people-first culture in which we look to work with high-impact, driven, and ethical counterparts. 
  • An Industry high-level vision & specific technical expertise as we have the depth of knowledge and detailed understanding to be able to interact broadly; from discussing global vision with CEOs to discussing technical efficiency with R&D experts or CTO.
  • An entrepreneurial ethos where we innovate alongside our customers, helping them solve the problems they face in creative ways.
  • A local-to-global outlook which builds relationships, links, and networks between our region and others around the world. 
  • Creativity & Rigour ensures actionable results rather than « me-too » recommendations, providing our customers with “out of the box” ideas and sustainable breakthroughs.
  • Speed and dedication, as time can never be won back, which is why we recognise the importance of delivering real value by emphasising practical over theoretical to create value - fast!
  • A hands-on involvement with entrepreneurs and companies.
  • A to-the-point mentality and an unbiased perspective through a hands-on approach, focusing on activities that enhance our customers' ROI.
  • An easy-to-action result by committing to creating meaningful change, providing customers with both analytical “brainpower” and the appropriate practical implementation support. We constantly focus on building customer 'ownership’, leveraging their capabilities, expertise and developing them into pioneers for change.


We are flexible in working on a specific project or as an integral member of your team.

We will consider working on the basis of various options such as fee basis, retainer, lump sum, commission, equity or combination thereof, depending on the particular situation, but we never work for free. We only accept customers who fully value our services.

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